Fishes in Kerala – List of common fresh water fishes

1. Name: Stinging Catfish
Scientific Name: Heteropneustes fossilis
Malayalam: Kaari

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2. Name: Walking Catfish
Scientific Name: Clarias batrachus
Vernacular language: Mushi, Muzhi, Mozhi
Images of Walking Catfish
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3. Name: Yellow Catfish
Scientific Name: Horabagrus brachysoma
Malayalam: Manjakkoori
Images of Yellow Catfish
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4. Name: Longwhiskered Catfish
Scientific Name: Mystus gulio
Malayalam: Vellakkoori
Images of Longwhiskered Catfish
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5. Name: Boal
Scientific Name: Wallago attu
Malayalam: Attu walah, Valah
Images of Boal
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6. Name: Banded Snakehead(Opheocephalus)
Scientific Name: Channa striatus
Malayalam: Varal, Varaal

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7. Name: Climbing Perch
Scientific Name: Anabas testudineus
Malayalam: Chempally, Karuveppu, Antikalli, Kallada
Images of Climbing Perch
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8. Name: Pearl Spot
Scientific Name: Etroplus suratensis
Malayalam: Karimeen, Kariyamplachi
Images of Pearl Spot
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9. Name: Tilapia
Scientific Name: Oerochromis mossabicus
Malayalam: Tilapia, Tilopia, Thilopia, Kerala Karimeen
Images of Tilapia
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10. Name: Giant Danio
Scientific Name: Danio malabaricus
Malayalam: Paral
Images of Giant Danio
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11. Name: Karnataka Barbe
Scientific Name: Puntius carnaticus
Malayalam: Pachilavetti
Images of Karnataka Barbe
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12. Name: Peninsular Olive Barb
Scientific Name: Puntius sarana
Malayalam: Kuruva, Kuruva paral
Images of Peninsular Olive Barb
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13. Name: Tiger Panchax
Scientific Name: Aplocheilus lineatus
Malayalam: Poonjan, Manathukanni, Poochutti
Pictures of Tiger Panchax
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14. Name: Orange chromide
Scientific Name: Etroplus maculatus
Malayalam: Pallathi
Images of Orange Chromide
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15. Name: Mullet
Scientific Name: Mugil cephalus
Malayalam: Kanambu, Thirutha kanambu
Images of Mullet
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16. Name: Freshwater Garfish
Scientific Name: Xenentodon cancila
Malayalam: Kola
Images of Freshwater Garfish
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17. Name: Malabar leaf fish, Common catopra
Scientific Name: Pristolepis marginata
Malayalam: Pannakarimeen, Karipidi, Chuttichi
Images of Malabar leaffish
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18. Name: Tire track eel
Scientific Name: Mastacembelus armatus
Malayalam: Kallaral
Images of Tire track eel
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19. Name: Indian mottled eel
Scientific Name: Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis
Malayalam: Malanjil, Mananjil
Images of Indian mottled eel
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20. Name: Cobra Snakehead, GreatSnakehead, Bullseye Snakehead
Scientific Name: Channa marulius
Malayalam: Cherumeen
Images of Cobra Snakehead 
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21. Name: Tank goby
Scientific Name: Glossogobius giuris
Malayalam: Poolan, poolon
Images of Tank goby
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22. Name: Ceylon Snake head, Bengal Snakehead
Scientific Name: Channa orientalis
Malayalam: Vattan, vatton
Images of Ceylon Snakehead
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  1. Channa orientalis is endemic to Srilanka and it has not been recorded in Kerala.
    The one you are mentioning is Channa gachua. Both look similar, but orientalis does not have a pelvic fin.

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