Fishing Methods in Kerala

In this article, let us get  acquainted with a few fishing methods deployed in kerala.

1. Bamboo trap
Bamboo trap is a traditional device for capturing fishes from small canals, streams and paddy fields. Out of the many types used in Kerala, the most popular one is shown in the picture. One end of the trap is closed while the other end is open with a very wide mouth. The closed end is conical and sometimes with a flap at the end as shown in the video. Where there is no flap, this end will be tied up using ropes while placing in water. This device is known by the name ‘koodu’ meaning cage, in Malayalam.

The cage is kept in running water at the narrowest portion of the canal. The remaining width of the canal after the head portion is covered with twigs, leaves of trees and mud, so that the fishes cannot escape without entering the trap. The trap is lifted up after keeping in water for a few hours, or sometimes overnight. The video demonstrates how the fishes are taken out from the trap by opening out the flap.

2. Angling(choonda, choondal)


3. Fishing nets

The most popular among the fishing nets are Koruvala (trawl net, also known as Madavala in Malayalam) ,Veesuvala (drag-net) and cheenavala (Chinese nets).

Image of Veesuvala

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